About PBQA
PBQA connects the designer, electrical engineer, and owner, attending to the concerns of each in the development of lighting solutions. Good illumination creates mood, reveals form and structure, choreographs the user's visual experience, enhances performance of tasks, markets a facility and makes people feel safe. All of these objectives must be met by lighting systems that are also empathetic to architectural style, and cost effective while requiring a minimum of maintenance. Our work strives to balance the quantitative and the aesthetic in bringing the power of light to the art of design.

PBQA has managed the lighting of projects varying widely in size and complexity, from retail centers to city master planning, intimate residential projects to large-scale urban plazas and museums to supercruise liners. Some of our more notable projects include: The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial on the Capitol Mall in Washington D.C.; the Old Town Pasadena District Master Plan; the Getty Museum's Central Garden; the Corporate Headquarters facility for HBO; and the Athlete's International Village for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Jobs that are currently on our boards, or recently completed include: the new San Diego Main Library and the Santa Monica Public Library.

The firm and its employees share an "elan", borne of a common excitement about, and commitment to lighting design. This enthusiasm permeates our projects and has been recognized and welcomed by our clients and fellow design team members. The most recognizable common thread running though our varied projects is, in fact, the intensity, high aspirations and spirit of the designers and owners with whom we work. PBQA's orientation towards design excellence has led quite naturally to collaboration with some of the nation's most highly regarded architects, interior designers and landscape architects.

The cross pollination of ideas and solutions borne of our diverse personnel and wide-ranging project experience has contributed exceptional lit environments to the projects of which we have been a part. The approach and talent of PBQA has been validated by a long list of loyal repeat clients and major design awards.

PBQA and Sustainability

Why a Professional, I.A.L.D. Affiliated Lighting Designer

A lighting system that meets the minimum recommended code required light levels, is maintainable and is reasonably energy efficient, is unfortunately all that’s provided for in many installations being built today. Why aren’t decision makers demanding more from their lighting systems?

At night, lighting can, and should, create a mood, a sense of place and provide a real visual impact. It is capable of marketing a building, a district, or an entire town, can increase the sales of a retail shop or invigorate street life and stimulate sales along a whole commercial street. Good lighting design delivers more than a prescribed amount of light for a pedestrian to safely descend some stairs or find their car in a parking lot – it provides a sense of psychological and emotional well-being while doing these things. Countless studies support illuminations’ role in the arena of enhanced productivity, whether it is workers performing a task, students staying alert, seniors being able to read more easily and longer, or improving way finding through a complex project. In short, lighting excellence is the great untapped design resource available to those directing projects today. A value added lever just waiting to be pulled.

While it is important to expect more from your project’s lighting system, it is just as necessary to find a lighting professional who has the talent, training and experience to bring lighting’s potential to full fruition. Many people, such as an electrical engineer, an electrical contractor, a manufacturer’s rep, distributer or decorative fixture retailer can print a business card calling themselves a “lighting designer.” While these individuals may have great knowledge in their primary area of expertise, it is unusual for any of them to have the full skill set needed to artfully and technically realize a project’s lighting potential. In each case, formal training in architectural, landscape or interior design, illumination engineering, fixture design or technical knowledge of lighting equipment may be conspicuously missing. Lighting design requires a current and active knowledge of all of these elements to create truly effective lit environments.

Patrick B. Quigley & Associates is a proud member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), an organization made up exclusively of individuals and firms that provide only lighting design services. Members must demonstrate their competence both by number of years of experience, as well as a portfolio of completed work that is rigorously reviewed by professional peers. Additionally, members must adhere to a stringent code of ethical conduct which includes not selling or installing lighting equipment. This is key in that it ensures that a member has no conflict of interest with the best outcome for their client. A lighting designer with the IALD moniker after their name is highly concerned about the needs of the people who use the space, selecting the most cost effective and energy efficient products suitable to the job, and bringing the best balance of function and aesthetics possible to the project.