Post Construction
After a project is occupied, it inevitably undergoes a metamorphosis in both how the client uses the project interiors as well as how the exterior landscape elements grow and slowly obscure original lighting equipment. In order to ensure the lighting system is working according to the design intent, PBQA performs various post construction services that respond to the changing owner needs or evolving landscape architectural transformations. Key elements include:

Post occupancy energy audit to determine if all energy saving devices are operational and if energy usage%26nbsp;matches energy consumption targets.

Survey of%26nbsp;illumination%26nbsp;levels at interior task performance areas and whether users are utilizing the space according to the original program. If the space is used in a different manner, PBQA will recommend how to deliver the appropriate light levels to meet new task requirements.

Assessments of whether controls are functioning as anticipated and adjustment of "scenes" as needed to better suit users' operational needs.

Assessment of whether daylight sensors and motion sensors are set appropriately.

"Design maintenance" - an on-site review to identify any fixture not properly lamped as well as to readjust fixtures that have been mis-aimed at exterior landscape elements and facades; or within the interiors at art or critical user task areas. PBQA will also issue recommendations on whether additional lighting may be required due to maturing tree and shrub growth.


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