Schematic Design
The basis of our lighting design approach relies on the “Choreography” of spaces. Choreography, in this context, refers to the use of light and absence of light to create a sequence of visual events that informs, directs, and entertains the eye.  Human beings are phototropic – we move towards light.  Whether the project is a modest home or a large-scale resort, we use this phenomenon to lead people through desired sequences and direct their attention toward key features. Light intensity, color, its location and hierarchy’s of scale are used as an artist uses paint to create a balanced and inviting composition.  Well-executed choreography allows for quick orientation, ease of identifying destination points, and enjoyment of the surrounding landscaped or built environment. 

A project’s choreography is established during intensive design meetings with the architect at the very beginning of the project.  Through the process PBQA gains a solid understanding of the architecture and the Architect’s goals for the space.  Before we discuss techniques and apply fixture locations, PBQA lays down a framework for the design in the form of a Choreography document.  Key elements from the Program are also recorded on this document and it becomes the roadmap for the design and its execution.  All design decisions throughout the subsequent phases refer back to this basic foundation.


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